Electronic Water Level Meter - Digital Leveling System

Electronic Water Level Meter - Digital Leveling System
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Electronic Water Level Meter - Digital Leveling System

Digital Electronic Water Leveling System is the Fast, Easy and Accurate Tool for Determining Level

Electronic Water Leveling System is Ideal for:

  • Manufactured and Modular Home Setup
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Fencing, Brick, and Block Work
  • Any Application where level needs to be determined!

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Uses, Demonstrations, Maintenance, Calibration Instructions and more!

What Makes the DLS Electronic Water Level Unique?

- One person operation
- Faster setup than a laser or transit
- Only takes 7 seconds to get your first reading
- Works around corners – no clear line of sight needed – no need for moving and setting up again and again
- Easy to read and understand – simple display gives accurate results
- Totally sealed – just check fluid level monthly
- Reads in inches and tenths
- Fluid is safe to sub zero temperatures
- Mounts to any standard monopod/tripod (not included)
- Retractable reel for easy storage and handling
- Simple to maintain – only two simple adjustments – no need to ever return for factory calibration
- Components sold separately if damaged for easy replacement


Why invest in a Digital Leveling System?

- Accurately document the floor variations in every room of the home in minutes.
- Eliminates guess work, and provides the home owner with an accurate, documented elevation plot of the floor.
- Adds credibility, protection, and value
- Add another income stream to your services
- Protects against structure related liability
- Especially useful in areas where settling is a problem
- If any questions arise about future settling and stability- perform another elevation   survey for an additional fee
- Accurately check grades, grade stakes, footers, and foundations in less time than it takes to set up lasers or transits.

Description- Electronics and Fluid Dynamics of the Electronic Water Level

The Electronic Water Level is a very basic design consisting of a sealed reservoir which is connected through 100 ft. of 3/16” tubing filled with fluid connected to a very sensitive pressure gauge. This is all neatly attached to a reel for convenient storage of the hose.  (does not rely on the operation of the level).

Regardless of the horizontal distance between the reservoir and display, the display only senses or reads the pressure differential between the two.  (This is a linear coefficient of the vertical height differential).

If the display is 1 inch higher than the display and 1 mile apart horizontally the display reads the same pressure as if the display were right beside the reservoir and 1 inch higher. 2 inches higher is twice the pressure as 1 inch, 4 inches higher is 4 times the pressure as 1 inch and 4 inches higher is twice the pressure as 2 inches, etc.

The tubing can be raised or lowered, looped over chairs- under floors when used underneath the homes in basements-crawl spaces etc., or around and behind objects without affecting the readings.

Any increase in pressure by looping over a couch for example, will be exactly offset by the decrease in pressure when the tubing returns to the original plane on the other side of the couch. Only the vertical height difference of the display in relation to the reservoir changes the readings.

Basic Operation of the Digital Leveling System Electronic Water Level:

The level will read to 100 inches but is most accurate in the +, - 40 inch range. Accuracy is plus or minus .1 inch, (1/10 inch) within this range. Large temperature changes will cause slight variations in the readings until the temperature of the level equalizes with the operating environment. Levels are tested at the factory from 70 degrees to an increase of 60 degrees at 130 degrees Fahrenheit and are only allowed to vary .2 inch.

1: Perform a quick check of zero and scale before starting the elevation survey.
2: Perform the elevation survey.
3: Perform an ending quick check of zero and scale.

Note: It is recommended to log your quick check of zero and scale before and after each elevation survey in case you are called upon to verify the accuracy of your instrumentation.


The manufacture’s warranty policy regarding Digital Leveling Systems electronic water level is as follows:

Digital Leveling Systems warrants the electronic water level against defects in material or workmanship at no charge for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

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