Trailer Jetter Shipping Information



Thank you for considering our Trailer mounted Jetters. These trailers are large, heavy items, and must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for receiving, or we can ship them to a local freight terminal in your area for pick up. Shipping is calculated at $1.00 per mile, address to address, please see example below. All trailers ship from Cleveland, TN. All mileage is calculated using google maps. We can also recommend picking the unit up. This would allow you to save the cost of shipping, and have one-on-one training with an experienced technician.

GPS (for navigation systems):

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Shipping example.

Ship From:
3811 Old Tasso Rd.
Cleveland, TN 37312

Ship To:
1234 Sample Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74104

Total miles 768.36

Total Shipping Cost $768.36


Trailer orders are too large to be handled with a fork lift.  For this reason they are rolled onto a truck trailer and chocked in place.  When the truck trailer reaches the delivery address, it has to be unloaded onto a truck height dock, so it can be rolled off.

IF YOU HAVE A DOCK we will deliver your trailer to your address so it can be rolled onto your truck height dock.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DOCK we will ship your trailer to the closest ESTES Trucking Terminal, they will unload your trailer, get it to ground level and call you for pick up.  You will make arrangements with them to receive your trailer at the Terminal and tow it home with your truck.

WE NEED TO KNOW what ESTES Trucking Terminal to ship you trailer to.  The following steps will get us this information.

  1. Go to ESTES Trucking Terminal Locator
  2. Type in your City, State and Zip Code and click “Submit”
  3. Review the list of terminals to locate the terminal you want us to ship your trailer to.
  4. Send an e-mail to with your name &  phone number and the terminal's address & phone number and one of our shipping experts will contact you.

Or call 1-888-226-6288 and our shipping experts can help arrange your trailer delivery and explain the entire process to you!