Arc Fault Tester - Etcon AF120

Etcon AFCI Arc Fault Tester, Tripper, and Receptacle Tester (AF120). Use on Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter and regular outlets.

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Etcon Arc Fault Tester, Breaker Tripper and Receptacle Tester AF120

The Etcon AFCI Breaker Tripper and Receptacle Tester is a simple, inexpensive method to trip AFCI Breakers and insure that the breakers are indeed wired into the proper receptacles.

When used in conjunction with the test button on the AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) the Etcon Arc Fault Tester Breaker Tripper and Receptacle Tester provides a complete test for AFCI breakers and assurance of code specifications.

This circuit breaker trip tester provides a logical and economical way for inspectors and contractors to perform the proper tests.

Etcon Arc Fault Tester, Tripper, Receptacle Tester (AF120) Features:

  • Tests AFCI protected outlets to insure against trip at 30 mA (series arc and epd test.
  • Plugs into any standard or AFCI protected 3-wire receptacle
  • Push button AFCI test (30 milliamp level Leakage Trip Function)
  • Lights indicate correct receptacle wiring
  • High visibility lamps and easy-to-read attached chart enable convenient usage
  • Small and light 3" x 1-3/8" x 1-3/8"

Etcon AFCI Tripper and Receptacle Tester includes a chart on the instrument defining results of test that can be performed which include:

  • Reversed Polarity - Hot and Neutral are reversed
  • Open Ground - No Ground wired into circuit
  • Open Neutral - No Neutral wired into circuit
  • Open Hot - No Hot wired into circuit
  • Hot and Ground Reversed
  • Hot on Neutral
  • Not Unwired

The Ecton AF120 does not simulate an ARC to test ARC Fault Function. Tests ARC Fault Circuit Breaker Leakage Trip Function Only.

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    Etcon Products
  • Features

    Test any standard or AFCI protected 120 volt 3 wire receptacle for proper wiring
    Lights indicate correct or faulty receptacle wiring
    Push button AFCI test
    Trips AFCI breakers from remote location
    Does not simulate an actual arc.

Product questions

  • Jeff Rockburn
    01/15/2021, 08:47 AM

    Is it CSA Certified?

    01/15/2021, 09:03 AM

    It is not

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