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Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes - The Estimator


Only Size 3 Available

Cougar Paws Estimator Roofing Boots are a hiking boot style, recommended for estimators, inspectors, insurance adjusters, or solar installation workers who are only roof climbing in short bursts rather then hours at a time. 

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Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes - The Estimator

Reduce slipping and sliding on all types of roofs – asphalt tile, wood shake, or slate with Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes - The Estimator

Cougar Paws products are unique because of their “Traction Grip” technology that no other roofing products can offer. This innovative technology enables workers to double their production while also increasing safety. Cougar Paws will revolutionize the way you work on roofs!

Estimator Cougar Roofing Shoes are more like a hiking boot, recommended for estimators, inspectors, insurance adjusters, or solar installation workers who are only roof climbing in short bursts rather then hours at a time. 

Features include lightweight Nylon/leather upper with extra layer of comfort and flexifbility.  Reinforced toe, insulated soles and cushioned arch support

Cougar Paw Roof Shoes include a pair of  replaceable neoprene rubber soles that attach to the bottom of the boot via industrial grade Velcro.  Known generically as a “hook and loop” fastener.  The “hook” covers the bottom surface of the boot.  The pad has the “loop” portion of the fastener and covers one side of the rubber sole. The neoprene rubber sole attaches to the boot and is held securely by the Velcro and a rim around the outer edge of the bottom of the boot. When the pad wears down, pull the pad away from the bottom of the boot and replace with a new one.

NOTE:  The Estimator Roof Shoe DOES NOT run ½ size larger than a typical tennis shoe like previous Cougar Paws Roofing Boots. When ordering choose your normal shoe size. **** Women Should Order Boots 2 Sizes Smaller Then Their Normal Shoe Size****

  • Cougar Paw Roof Boots are Not recommended for Metal Roofs.
  • Spike Pads Item # CPSP will not work on these boots.

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* Item CPMP (the old style of replacement pad) will not work with the Cougar Paws Estimator or Performer Peak Series Boots.

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      7 lbs
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    Cougar Paws
  • Material:
    Lightweight Nylon/Leather
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    Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 7 1/2, Size 8, Size 8 1/2, Size 9, Size 9 1/2, Size 10, Size 10 1/2, Size 11, Size 11 1/2, Size 12, Size 13, Size 14

Product questions

  • Janelle Blevins
    03/23/2021, 09:20 PM

    How long before size 11 Men’s are available?

    03/24/2021, 09:32 AM

    We hope a couple weeks but there is no way to be certain.

  • Rebecca Frase
    03/20/2021, 02:28 PM

    Does this boot have magnets in the sole for metal roofing

    03/22/2021, 10:11 AM

    They do not. You would need the Steel Walker boot. Please give us a call if you would like to order some.

  • Donna Leblanc
    09/14/2020, 05:31 PM

    What size should I get . I wear a 7 1/2 woman shoe

    09/15/2020, 09:07 AM

    That is a size 5.5 in men's shoe sizes so you can go down to a 5 if your shoes fit a bit loose or up to a 6 if your shoes are pretty snug. Keeping your boots tight is usually the better choice so your foot doesn't move inside.

  • david dickinson
    06/02/2020, 03:28 PM

    whats a good shoe and sole work on steel roofs

    06/02/2020, 03:36 PM

    Please become a member to see all of our options.

  • Thomas moua
    02/01/2020, 08:29 PM

    Do you size 7 1/2

    02/03/2020, 10:42 AM

    I'm sorry but the manufacturer does not make a 7-1/2. You have to go down to a size 7 or up to a size 8