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Dragon Puffer - Air Flow Indicator - SmokPoint


Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator Kit is useful for air flow testing.

  • $39.95
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Dragon Puffer - SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator

No More Dangerous Acid Smoke!  

The redesigned Dragon Puffer - SmokPoint Air Flow is designed for a HVAC and Energy Audit Contractors to easily access the instrument and its accessories to provide air flow testing for any environment. 

The primary component of the SmokPoint Dragon Puffer Kit is a new and improved version of the Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator that has been completely redesigned with enhanced fog machine or vapor production and a more comfortable design.  

The Dragon Puffer SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator now has an option for a continuous stream of fog machine or vapor when the Vapor Lever is fully squeezed. The attachable Cone creates a laminar flow to focus the plume of vapor if necessary. 

Each SmokPoint comes with a 3 oz bottle of Super Fluid. We have reformulated and simplified our previous fog fluid to create a thicker, more defined plume of smoke. The new Super Fluid mixture no longer contains Propylene Glycol but now contains only distilled water and Glycerin. As a bonus, we were able to bring the price of the Super Fluid down significantly.

Dragon Puffer SmokPoint Air Flow Indicator can be used in the following situations:

  • Home Weatherization Testing for fuel efficiency
  • CLEAN ROOM air testing
  • VENT HOOD testing
  • Any air flow environment
  • Fireplace / Chimney leakage testing

Smoke Point Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator Includes:

Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator ONLY - SmokPoint:

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    • Weight
      2.75 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Zero Toys
  • Product Weight
    2.75 lbs.
  • Power Source
    AA batteries
  • Accessories
    None, Extra Fluid - WIZF

Product questions

  • suzi bluford
    09/14/2021, 01:35 PM

    how do i know what order to put the batteries back in- do not see any indication on my unit Thanks!!!

    09/14/2021, 02:05 PM

    The marks are on the inside of the battery cover.

  • Matthew
    02/25/2021, 12:42 PM

    Is there an SDS for the chemical used to make the smoke? I would need that in order to bring it to my workplace.

    02/25/2021, 01:09 PM

    Here is the URL or it is linked in the product description

  • Jordan Dawson
    11/05/2020, 11:35 AM

    Will this product be able to test air leaks in a vacuum or around it near the seal or in the pipe surround the vacuum?

    11/05/2020, 03:48 PM

    This device will follow air flow.

  • Jade whitten
    09/06/2020, 04:17 PM

    Can this work for finding leaks in a cars air vacuum system?

    09/08/2020, 09:51 AM

    The simple answer is we are not sure. The nozzle would allow you to connect it to a rubber hose but we don't know if this will provide enough volume of smoke to effectively test. Also we are not sure if this machine will provide enough pressure to force the smoke out of the chamber.

  • conrad jones
    07/16/2020, 09:25 AM

    How do you replace the batteries for the Dragon Puffer Indicator? Thanks!

    07/16/2020, 09:32 AM

    There is a compartment on the bottom that is kept closed with a phillips screw.