Ferret Tools New Products For Added Features


Ferret Tools has upgraded their product line with the introduction of 3 new, upgraded cameras. This is a total change to the benefits of the Ferret Tools cameras with the introduction of the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro, and Ferret Plus. Each model still includes all the Ferret accessories (7" goose neck rod, hook, magnet, multiple thread adapters, USB-C charging cable and compact carrying case), and every camera has a 720p resolution camera with adjustable LEDs.

Ferret Lite

The Ferret Lite is essentially the original Cable Ferret Wifi Inspection camera but the shape of the camera has changed for a smaller size and easier entry into small spaces. This new design also decreased the price without losing any features of the original Ferret Wifi Inspection Camera.

Ferret Pro

The Ferret Pro takes the Ferret Lite's abilities and adds to it with a 1hr fast charge, adjustable resolution, ability to change wifi channel, and a variable focus lens. This is a much more versatile camera system because you can use multiple cameras in the field and get a better visual picture of what you are trying to inspect.

Ferret Plus

The Ferret Plus takes all the features of the previous camera systems and adds an onboard memory, and built-in non-contact voltage detector. Whether you are inspecting a hard to reach area or you are pulling wires the Ferret Plus is your best bet for getting the job done.