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FLIR ONE Pro – Thermal Imaging Camera For Android USB-C


FLIR ONE Pro – Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment For Android USB-C

  • $399.99
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FLIR ONE Pro – Thermal Imaging Camera Android Smart Phone USB-C Attachment

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Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Thermal Imaging Camera

The FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Smart Phone Attachment is a must-have for any inspector or contractor’s toolbox. Combining enhanced high resolution MSX imagery with powerful measurement tools and report generation capability.

One size fits all with adjustable connector. OneFit Adjustable Connector adapts your FLIR ONE to fit with almost any phone case.

FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Attachment for Smart Phone Features:

  • MSX™ Image Enhancement
  • Ruggedized Design
  • OneFit™ Adjustable Connector
  • VividIR™ Advanced Image Processing
  • Higher Resolution Thermal Sensor
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • One-Touch Reporting
  • Enhanced FLIR ONE App

Non- Contact Temperature Measurement - FLIR ONE Pro enables you to measure the temperature of any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C). It can also detect temperature differences as small as 0.18° F (0.1° C)

MSX Image Enhancement - This feature adds key details from the on-board visible light camera to entire infrared image in real time. For an all-in-one undiluted thermal picture with visible light features that lets you instantly recognize where the problematic heat pattern is.

Radiometric - FLIR ONE can measure temperatures on any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C).

OneFit™ Compatibility - The revolutionary OneFit adjustable-height connector ensures that your FLIR One will fit your phone or tablet, even with its rugged case still in place so you don’t have to choose between protecting your phone and thermal vision

VividIR™ Image Enhancement - VividIR™ is FLIR’s latest and most powerful image processing. Delivering true Super Resolution image enhancement to the FLIR One Pro advanced image processing delivers stunningly crisp imagery and fine detail.

FLIR ONE App - Explore additional features like FLIR ONE Panorama™, FLIR ONE TimeLapse™, and FLIR ONE CloseUp™ functions.

Sharing - FLIR ONE App allows you to share thermal images and videos to the social media platform of your choice.

(Attachment Only - Phone Not Included)


Model NumberFLIR ONE Pro
CertificationsMFi (iOS version), RoHS, CE/FCC, CEC-BC, EN61233
Operating temperature0 °C – 35 °C (32°F – 95°F) , battery charging 0 °C – 30 °C (32°F – 86°F)
Non-operating temperature-20 °C – 60 °C (-4°F – 140°F)
Size2.7in x 1.3in x .6in
Mechanical shockDrop from 1.8m
Thermal and visual cameras with MSX
Thermal sensorPixel size 12μm, 8 – 14μm spectral range
Thermal resolution160x120
Visual resolution1440x1080
HFOV / VFOV55° ± 1° / 43° ± 1°
Frame rate8.7Hz
FocusFixed 15cm – Infinity
Scene dynamic range-20°C – 400°C, -4°F - 752°F
Accuracy±3°C or ±5%, typical
Percent of the difference between ambient and scene temperature. Applicable 60s after start-up when the unit is within 15 °C – 35 °C and the scene is within 5 °C – 120 °C.
Thermal sensitivity (MRDT)150mK
Emissivity settingsMatte: 95%, Semi-Matte: 80%, Semi-Glossy: 60%, Glossy: 30%
Reflected background temperature is 22°C
Battery lifeApproximately 1h
Battery charge time40min
VideoMale Lightning (iOS), Male USB-C (Android)
ChargingFemale USB-C (5V/1A)
Video and still image display/captureSaved as 1440x1080
File formatsStill images – radiometric jpeg
Video – MPEG-4 (file format MOV (iOS), MP4 (Android))
Capture modesVideo, Still image, Time lapse
PalettesGray (white hot), Hottest, Coldest, Iron, Rainbow, Contrast, Arctic, Lava and Wheel.
Spot meterOff / °C / °F. Resolution 0.1°C / 0.1°F
Adjustable MSX distance0.3m – Infinity
Battery charge monitor0 – 100%

*Disclaimer: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Availability of camera models and accessories subject to regional market considerations. Prices listed are US only, please consult your specific country for current pricing.

Google Pixel

To be compatible with FLIR ONE, a device must meet the minimum requirements and appear on the list below as a compatible device.

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least Android Version 5.0.0
  • GPS, Location, OTG USB, Flashlight, and Microphone Capabilities
  • For Panorama functionality: Gyroscope and Accelerometer Capabilities
  • GPS, Location, Microphone, and Flashlight Permissions
Google Pixel XL
Google Nexus 6P
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy A5


    • Weight
      1 lbs
    • SKU
  • Thermal Resolution
    1440 × 1080
  • Accuracy
    ±3°C or ±5%
  • Field of View (FOV)
    55° ±1° / 43° ±1°
  • Dimensions
    2.7 × 1.3 × 0.6 in.
  • Product Weight
    36.5 g
  • Emissivity Settings
    Matte: 95%, Semi-Matte: 80%, Semi-Glossy: 60%, Glossy: 30%

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