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Digital Angle Gauge - TRANG180
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Digital Angle Gauge - TRANG180


The Triplett Model ANG180 Digital Angle Gauge is a valuable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, offering accurate angle measurements and a range of features to enhance productivity in various applications.  

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Digital Angle Gauge - TRANG180

The Triplett Model ANG180 is a versatile digital angle gauge designed for detecting the degree of offset from true level within a range of 0 to 180°. With a high-resolution of 0.1°, it provides precise angle measurements for various applications. This angle gauge offers single and dual-axis calibration, allowing for accurate and customizable measurements. 

Digital Angle Gauge Features:

  • Degree Detection:
    • Detects the degree of offset from true level within a range of 0 to 180°.
  • High Resolution:
    • Provides a high-resolution of 0.1° for precise angle measurements.
  • Calibration Options:
    • Features single and dual-axis calibration for accurate readings.
  • User Programmable Target Angle:
    • Allows users to set a target angle with an audible alarm for reference.
  • Zero Button:
    • Sets a user reference plane other than true horizontal level for flexible measurements.
  • Magnetic Base:
    • Equipped with a magnetic base for easy attachment to ferromagnetic surfaces like pipes and table saws.
  • V-Groove Alignment:
    • Features a V-groove on the top and bottom surface for easy alignment with the axis of conduit and pipes.
  • Bullseye Level Function:
    • When laid flat, it functions as a bullseye level for leveling tasks.
  • Hold Function:
    • Freezes the reading on the display for convenient recording and analysis.
  • Auto Power Off:
    • Conserves battery life with an auto power-off feature.
  • Battery Status Indicator:
    • Displays an onscreen battery icon to indicate when the batteries need replacing.
  • Complete Package:
    • Includes (2) AA batteries for immediate use.
  • Warranty:
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring its reliability and performance.

Digital Angle Gauge Specifications:

Measurement Range0 to 90°; 0 to 180°
Accuracy: Vertical/Horizontal±0.2° (when measuring using the Magnetic Base)
Accuracy: Bullseye±0.5°(when measuring using the back surface)
Drop Proof6.6ft 
Water Resistant(IP42)
Power(2) AA Batteries
Dimensions4.8 x 2.4 x 1.4" 
    • Weight
      1 lbs
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