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Hot Water Pressure Washer - BE Power 389cc 4000PSI

SKU# - HW4015RA

Hot Water Pressure Washer - BE Power 389cc 4000PSI. Hot water pressure washers work great on cleaning engines, automotive parts, or anything with oil or grease.

  • $3999.99
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Hot Water Pressure Washer - BE Power 389cc 4000PSI HW4015RA

BE Power's Hot Water Pressure Washer is more powerful and durable than other leading models on the market.
20-Point inspection & checklist ensures quality, safety, and durability.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Features: 

  • American made heavy duty 7000 PSI rupture disk
  • Adjustable thermostat up to 200°F with LED rocker switch and hour/tach meter
  • Powerease electric start w/ 18amp charge
  • Heavy-duty roll-cage powder coated 1.5" OD steel tube frame, with centre balanced lift hook (above industry standards)
  • HEATING COIL ½" Heavy-duty schedule 80 American made Carbon Steel Cold-rolled pipe, no weak points from heating to make bends
  • 12" oil drain hose for ease of maintenance
  • Triplex direct-drive AR pump carries a 5-year warranty
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Mounting bracket for truck mounting 
  • 12" heavy-duty flat free tires 
  • 360° Hose reel swivel bracket
  • 3/4" HD Threaded mount axle 
  • Marine sealed battery box with 55 AH AGM deep cycle battery
  • Stainless-steel coil skin provides extra durability and resists corrosion
  • 7-gallon, removable, rust-proof polyethylene fuel tank with fuel gauge in cap
  • Brake kit assembly 

Hot Water Pressure Washer Hose and Wand Features: 

  • Gun/wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects
  •  50' high pressure hose w/quick connects
  •  20% chemical injector assembly with quick connects 
  •  4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  •  1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle

Hot Water Pressure Washer Specifications:

  • BTU: 330,000
  • GPM: 4.0
  • Pump Style: Triplex
  • Series: Commercial
  • Engine: Powerease
  • PSI: 4000
  • Pump: AR RSV4040
  • Dimensions: 47" x 31" x 50

Why Use a BE Power Equipment Hot Water Pressure Washer? 

Hot water packs a powerful energetic punch when released into the cleaning equation. This energy also causes a reduction in the water’s surface tension allowing it to easily and more effectively  penetrate the molecules of grease and grime.

Benefits of Using A Hot Water Pressure Washer:

There are three key elements to a hot water pressure washer —heat, agitation and soap—that successfully remove grease and grime. 

Here’s how they work:

Heat - creates a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active and reduces water’s surface tension so it can effectively penetrate grime at the molecular level. 

Agitation-  is the impact that comes from the water volume and water pressure hitting the surface—similar to the action of hand scrubbing the dinner plate in your kitchen sink. 

Soap - (often referred to by pressure washer users as “detergent”) chemically breaks the bond between dirt and the surface. It starts when the molecules of oil and grease attach themselves to dirt and keep them trapped or bound to the surface. Detergents use softening agents to emulsify the oil and grease—this is the process in which two or more immiscible liquids, like oil and water, no longer repel each other but actually mix. Once the oil and water are able to mix forming an emulsion, the dirt—still clinging to the oil and grease—is carried away in the wash water.

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    • SKU
  • PSI
  • GPM
  • Engine
  • Pump
    AR RSV4040
  • Manufacturer
    BE Power Equipment
  • Dimensions
    47 x 31 x 50 in.
  • Product Weight
    530 lbs.

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