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Comfort Knees - Knee Pads - For Work, Flooring, Construction, Gardening - Professional Neoprene, Foam and Velcro Fastening for the Perfect Fit. Blue Pair

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Comfor Knees Knee Pads - Professional Neoprene, Foam and Velcro Fastening for the Perfect Fit

Comfort Knees are the best knee pad for comfort on the knee cap and adjustability so pad won't slide around the knee.

The neoprene and nylon outer layer provide flexibility and comfort.  Thick heavy duty padding in the knee area provide comfort whether kneeling or knee-kicking.

Although made for professionals like carpet layers, construction, flooring professionals, gardening is also a popular choice for Comfort Knees (Aunt Joyce will testify to this.) Comfort Knees - Your going to love them. 
Less bulky than traditional knee pads.  These work knee pads are lightweight.

Wide straps with velcro fasteners make Comfort Knees easy to adjust and give you the perfect fit
Size - One size fits most
Color - Blue
Sold As Pair

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      1.25 lbs
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    KP Pro Tools Inc.

Product questions

  • Carl
    02/04/2020, 08:40 AM

    I will be using these knee pads in crawl spaces with a lot of construction debris, broken concrete blocks, glass, nails etc. What is the outer part of the knee pad made of? Will it hold up in this environment or will it get cut up and shredded from these rough items?

    02/04/2020, 10:38 AM

    For your situation I would recommend the C361 knee pads because they are made of a rubber material that will take more abuse and they curl over the top of your knee so they don't slide down when being used in a crawl space. We have years of experience in crawl spaces and the C361 are our favorites.

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