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Sherlock Bubble Up Leak Detector for Gas and Air

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Sherlock Bubble Up Leak Detector for Gas and Air pinpoints gas and air leaks better then soap solutions.

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Sherlock Bubble Up Leak Detector for Gas and Air

Sherlock Leak Detector Fluid pinpoints large and small leaks far better than any soap solution.
Specially formulated chemical type leak detection fluid for locating leaks in pressurized gas and air systems, except oxygen, in temperatures above freezing.
Apply this Sherlock leak detection fluid to test surface and watch for bubbles..
Large leaks form large bubbles instantly.
Small leaks form white foam in 5 to 10 seconds.
Dries clean and is non-corrosive.

Use Fluid Sherlock Leak Detector On:

  • Gas Connecting Air lines
  • Tanks
  • Cylinders
  • Refrigeration
  • AC Condensers
  • Evaporators

8 oz Squeeze Bottle

    • Weight
      2 lbs
    • SKU
  • Product Weight
    8 oz.

Product questions

  • Nura Abouneameh
    08/06/2021, 03:14 PM

    We bought Sherlock Gas and Air leak detector. Recommended shelf life is 2 years form the date of manufacture.
    Where on bottle to find date of manufacture (8 OZ bottle)?

    08/09/2021, 09:35 AM

    The stamp on the back of the container.

    030321 would be 3rd month 3rd day 2021 yr.

  • Tina
    11/15/2019, 07:42 AM

    Also does it have a dobler applicator?

    11/15/2019, 09:12 AM

    We do not have a dober for the Type Regular bubble up. We do have a container with a dober of the Type Low Temp. The Type Low Temp has no negatives as far as performance compared to the Type Regular.

  • Tina
    11/15/2019, 07:40 AM

    Can this be used on acetylene ?
    Thank you

    11/15/2019, 09:09 AM

    I would suggest going with the Type CG linked below. Unfortunately we only have gallons of the Type CG. The difference is the Type CG is a cleaner mix so it doesn't have amonias and fatty acids that can mix with some gases and become dangerour.

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