Camera Pole Telescoping - Longshot 21'
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Camera Pole Telescoping - Longshot 21'

Not Available Until End of October 2019

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Camera Pole Telescoping - Longshot 21'

The Longshot Telescoping 21' Camera Pole gives you the ability to take photos of typically out of reach areas while allowing you to be safe. The universal mounting bracket and adjustable trigger mechanism allow you to use any camera of your choice. This telescoping camera pole is ideal for roof inspection, photography, crawlspace inspection, and well inspection.

Telescoping Camera Pole Features:

  • Telescoping aluminum pole extends anywhere between 5 and 21 feet using 4 twist-lock sections.
  • Universal camera mounting bracket
  • Adjustable trigger mechanism
  • Swivel adapter to take photos at different angles
  • Laser/flashlight guide clip

(Camera not included)

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  • Manufacturer
    Longshot Camera Systems Camera Poles

Product questions

  • Dave
    03/29/2019, 07:25 AM

    Will adaptor work for iPhone. Thank you

    03/29/2019, 09:18 AM

    The system is built to hold a normal camera and hit the button for the shutter. The camera is held on the pole by a mounting screw that is the same as any tripod. You will need to find a bracket to screw onto the mounting screw and make sure the buttons on the side of your phone can control the shutter.