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Marine/Boat Moisture Meter - Tramex Skipper Plus
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Marine/Boat Moisture Meter - Tramex Skipper Plus

Marine/Boat Moisture Meter - Tramex Skipper Plus

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Marine/Boat Moisture Meter - Tramex Skipper Plus
Pinless Detector For Marine Surveyors and Boat Inspection

The Tramex Skipper Pinless Marine Moisture Meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and wooden boats.

Three ranges of sensitivity allow moisture detection in fresh or salt water.

The Tramex Skipper Pinless Marine Moisture Meter allows the user to identify:
  • The presence of osmosis (gel coat blistering) in fiberglass hulls
  • Confirm if wooden boats are dry before painting or varnishing
  • Check racing boats to determine if they are carrying excess moisture weight and trace deck and bulkhead leaks.
To Use Tramex Skipper Plus Marine Moisture Meter Simply Select the Correct Scale:
Scale 1: Moisture content in hardwood for fresh water (%H20))
Scale 2: Moisture in GRP (Comparative)
Scale 3: Surface Moisture(Comparative)

Hold the Tramex Skipper Plus to the surface or slide it across large areas to detect the presence of moisture.  The soft rubber electrodes will not scratch or damage even the most highly glossed finish. 
Analog scale and audible tone signal when excess moisture is encountered. 
The Tramex Skipper Pinless Marine Moisture Detector's wide range of readings for wood of 5% to 30% on hard wood scale and 0 to 100 on comparative scale for GRP and other materials.
The Tramex Skipper Plus boat moisture meter features a large, clear, easy to read display giving meaningful readings.

Hold function enables user to freeze the reading, useful when taking readings in awkward places where the meter face may not be visible.

High moisture audio warning tone that can be switched on or off.

Automatic power cutoff switches unit to off when not in use to save battery.

Tramex Skipper Plus Dimensions:150 x 80 x 30 mm (6 x 3.2 x 1.2 inches).

Weight: 260 grams (9 ounces) including battery.

Battery: 9 volts PP3 or equivalent.

This marine moisture meter comes with a 1 year warranty.

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