Mold Testing Kit - Zefon Z Lite Sampling Detection

Mold Testing Kit - Zefon Z Lite Sampling Detection
Air O Cell Sampling Cassette Bio Tape Surface Sampler Mold Sampling Swab Zefon Z Lite IAQ Air Sampling Pump
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Mold Inspection Testing and Sampling Kit - Zefon Z-LITE

Offer your customers additional value with this mold inspection kit. Consider adding mold inspections to your ancillary services. 

Zefon Z-LITE Mold Testing Kits make it easy and convenient to get everything you need to perform mold inspections. Kits provide mold detection equipment to test the air and surfaces for mold.

Each mold testing and sampling kit comes in a convenient toolbox style carrying case and includes set-up and use instructions. Perform your inspection, take samples, and send the samples to the testing lab. 

Zefon Mold Test Kits make it affordable for anyone to get into the mold inspection business.

Choose from Zefon's Mold Testing Kits:  Basic, Deluxe, or Ultimate. 


Z-Lite IAQ Pump
(Includes Integrated combination flow
meter/regulator valve)
Sampling Stand
Bioisolation Filter
Toolbox Style Carrying Case

SAMPLING MEDIA 10 Air-O-Cell® 20 Air-O-Cell®
25 Bio-Tape™ Slides
10 Mold Swabs
50 Air-O-Cell®
50 Bio-Tape™ Slides
50 Mold Swabs
10 wall attachments
PRICE $319.00 $379.00 $569.00

Z Lite IAQ Pump:  Small, lightweight, high volume,  linear pump

Air-O-Cell Sampling Container:  The Air-O-Cell sampling container collects both viable and non-viable particulate such as mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers (asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose, etc.) and inorganic particles.The Air-O-Cell container is a unique sampling cassette specifically designed for the rapid collection and quantitative and elemental analysis of a wide range of airborne aerosols.

Bio-Tape™ :  Provides a standardized surface sampling method used for the determination of possible microbial, bio aerosol, and inorganic dust contamination. It provides the ability to quickly take a sample and measure the relative degree of contamination.  Using Bio-Tape™ helps provide more consistency in your samples.  Each sample uses the same amount of adhesive surface area and the provided packaging offers protection during shipment to the laboratory.

Mold Swabs:  Sterile surface swabs are an easy way to sample suspect areas for mold contamination. Simply swab the suspect area and submit to a laboratory where the sample will be cultured and the type of mold identified. Each swab comes in an easy to use container for sampling, transport and storage.  

Zefon Inner Wall Attachments:  Used in conjunction with Air-O-Cell®, MoldSNAP™, or Via-Cell® cassettes to nondestructively access microbial contamination in a wall cavity.

Zefon Mold Testing Kit Applications Include:

  • Indoor Air Quality:  Mold spores, pollen, insect parts, dust mites, skin cell fragments, plant fragments, dust, fibers, combustion emissions, etc.
  • Home Inspection:  Mold contamination before or after real estate transactions.
  • Flood Restoration:  Evaluation of mold spore contamination before, during, and after remediation.
  • Stack Emissions:  Fly ash, inorganic dust, etc.
  • Allergy Testing:  Mold spores, pollen, insect parts, dust mites.
  • Clean Room Monitoring:  Evaluation of low airborne dust and contaminants from personnel (skin cells, clothing fibers, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Fiber Analysis:  Asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose, ceramics

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One Year Warranty


Sample Test Labs

EMSL Westmont


Environmental Analysis


Forensic Analytical Laboratories

1-800-827-3274 Ext 8165

LA Testing


R.J. Lee Group


Sanair Technology Laboratories


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