NWI 32x Contractors Auto Level
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NWI 32x Contractors Auto Level

The NCL Series Auto Level is ideal for surveying and grading applications. The common uses of this instrument are checking elevations, measuring horizontal angles, and measuring distance.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced magnetic compensator with wide working range.
  • Compensator lock to protect level in transportation.
  • Continuous tangent drive for convenient and fast operations.
  • Multi-layer coated lens provides sharper image and readings.
  • Reflective prism for easy bubble viewing.
  • Industrial grade dust and water resistance (IP54)

Key Operations:

  • Elevation Measurement - Read the measurement at the center of the crosshair on the grade rod.
  • Horizontal Angle Measurement - Sight the instrument on target. Turn horizontal circle to "0". Turn instrument to desired angle.
  • Measure Distance - Sight in on grade rod. Count the increments on grade rod between top and bottom line. Multiply by 100.
  • Check The Compensator - Sight in on grade rod. Press and release compensator lock. Reading should remain the same.

NCL32X Kit Includes: NCL32X Contractors Automatic Level, Carrying Case, Plumb Bob & Manual

NCLP32X Package Kit Includes: NCL32X Contractors Automatic Level, NAT83 Contractor's Tripod, NAR09E 9' Aluminum Rod, Carrying Case, Plumb Bob, & Manual

  • Image
  • Leveling Accuracy
    1/16" @ 250ft
  • Working Range
  • Magnification
  • Compensation Range
  • Compensator Type
    Air Dampened, Steel Cage, Wire Hung
  • Sensitivity of Circular Vial
  • Graduation
  • Resolution
  • Field Of View
  • Objective Aperture
  • Choose Kit
    NCL32X, NCLP32X

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