Pipe Cutter - PVC, Tubing, Hose, Ratchet Style (1-5/8")
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Pipe Cutter - PVC, Tubing, Hose, Ratchet Style (1-5/8")

Pipe Cutter - PVC, Tubing, Hose, Ratchet Style (1-5/8")

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Pipe Cutter - PVC, Tubing, Hose, Ratchet Style 1 5/8"

General’s PVC Cutter makes quick work of PVC, PE and ABS pipe from 1/8” to 1-5/8” in diameter.

The cutter’s eight-click ratcheting mechanism allows you to maximize grip pressure on the pipe for a smooth, clean cut. The tool also has a recess on the face for performing angle cuts.

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PVC Cutter (1-5/8") Features:
  • Cuts pipe from 1/8” to 1-5/8”
  • Works on PVC, CPVC, Polyethene, PEX, and ABS
  • Ratchet system holds blade in place while you adjust your grip to increase pressure.
  • High carbon steel blade maintains sharpness and resists chipping.
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and grip pressure.
  • Handle locking strap for safe storage.
  • Comes in a convenient vinyl storage case.
  • Includes Replacement Blade #119BG and hex key.

1. From the closed position, release strap lock and pull handles apart to open jaws.
2. Position jaws around pipe and squeeze handles.
3. Release the handles until the ratchet clicks, holding the jaws in place.
4. Squeeze the handles again to close the blades.
5. Continue squeezing and releasing the handles until the pipe has been cut.


How do I replace the blade on my Plastic Pipe and Hose Cutter?

1. Unscrew the two screws holding the blade in place. Do not discard the screws or nuts.
2. Remove the old blade.
3. Insert the new blade and tighten using screws and nuts removed in step 1.

How do I replace the blade on my old style #119 PVC cutter?

1. Close the cutter’s handles and apply the strap lock.
2. Push down on the top of the blade to bury the sharp end in the housing of the tool. This will expose the back end of the blade and a few of the ratchet teeth.
3. On the backside of the blade by the gear teeth, locate the arm that connects the blade to the body.
4. Using a small, slotted screwdriver, remove the washer holding the pin in place.
5. Remove the pin to disengage the blade.
6. Now remove the large, black Phillips screw on the tool body that holds the blade in place.
7. Pull the old blade from the body and insert the replacement.
8. Reassemble
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    General Tools and Instruments

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