flushable sonde locator
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Flushable Sonde Transmitter

SKU# - AM3350

Flushable Sonde Transmitter for lines as small as 3/4"

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Flushable Sonde Transmitter - AM3350

 Non-Metallic Line Locator

Fixed Transmitter 116KHz

Flushable Transmitter Specifications:

• Locate in Pipe as small as 3/4"

• Attach fishing line for easy retrieval

• Streamline design perfect for small diameter pipe and conduit applications

• Tape-on to mini-rod or flush with fish line

• Designed with convenient eyelets for push or pull application

•Uses LR754 Battery

• Length 1.9" X Dia .55"

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      2 lbs
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Product questions

  • DEAN
    05/24/2022, 09:09 AM

    Can you replace the batteries in this unit

    05/24/2022, 03:34 PM

    After a large amount of digging, yes you can replace the batteries. It takes LR754 batteries and they last about 4-5 hours.

  • Tom Cunningham
    04/25/2022, 03:49 PM

    How many feet will this transmit....I need to find a blockage in a 1.5" line approx 8'-10' underground. What locator would I need to buy for this job?

    04/26/2022, 09:25 AM

    This transmitter has a depth range of 12-15ft but that will change slightly depending on the material between the pipe and the surface.
    Any locator that can receive 116KHz will work with this transmitter. We have the TRIAD-2310-SC for that frequency.

  • Mark
    01/21/2022, 12:54 AM

    Can you use your phone with it ?

    01/21/2022, 09:14 AM

    You need a sonde locator that is able to locate 116KHz.

  • James
    08/02/2021, 12:44 PM

    I'm wanting to use this to locate my septic tank. If I flushed it with fishing line would I be able to hear the sound with bare ears through the tank and dirt or do I need a tool to hear it?

    08/02/2021, 01:36 PM

    You need a locator that can receive 512hz signal. The VM540 is the least expensive option we have.

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