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Digital Psychrometer - 6 in 1 Meter with Enthalpy EP8711P
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Digital Psychrometer - 6 in 1 Meter with Enthalpy EP8711P

SKU# - EP8711P

The #EP8711P enables HVAC/R technicians to measure six heat-related parameters with a single instrument. The unit can make the in-duct measurements of an evaporator unit’s output needed to fine-tune a system for optimum efficiency.  

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Psychrometer - 6 in 1 Meter with Enthalpy, Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Dew Point, Absolute Humidity, and Wet Bulb EP8711P

General Tools 6-in-1 Psychrometer with Enthalpy -  

Measures Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Dew Point, Wet Bulb and Absolute Humidity.

The placement of the Digital Psychrometer Meter's humidity and temperature sensors at the end of the 6" long probe makes it possible to take readings inside ductwork.  The psychrometer probe’s ability to swivel increases positioning options to accommodate optimal view of the LCD.

If there is no vent or grille nearby, a temporary hole can be drilled in the ductwork and the probe inserted through it. A black rubber bushing is included for this purpose. Inserting the probe through the bushing will extend the sensor 4 inches into the duct.

A rotating protective cap safeguards the humidity and temperature sensors at the probe tip when not in use.

The Digital Psychromter EP8711P’s pocket/belt clip makes the instrument ultra-portable and convenient. As an instrument with multiple measurement capacities, the EP8711P offers great versatility and utility, increases productivity and efficiency on the job, and gives technicians more bang for their buck.

Purchasing just one instrument capable of making multiple measurements is clearly more cost-effective than buying several separate devices.

 Plus, it makes a technician's job easier by reducing the number of instruments they have to transport to and carry around at jobsites. 


Ideal for water damage restoration, contractors, and professionals charged with monitoring and maintaining the environment of facilities such as office buildings, greenhouses, food and equipment storage facilities, wineries, freezers, shipping containers, computer rooms, labs, libraries, museums and saunas.

Psychrometer with Enthalpy Features:

  • Integral 6 in. long sensor-tipped probe for measuring conditions inside ductwork. Probe swivels, increasing placement options.
  • Choice of Imperial or metric units for all measured parameters except RH
  • 4-digit LCD
  • 2-minute Auto Power Off (APO) function
  • Low battery indicator

Click Here to See User’s Manual

Digital Psychrometer EP8711P Specifications:

Ambient temperature measurement range/resolution: -4 to 158F /0.1
Ambient temperature measurement accuracy: 0.9F from 14 to 104F ; 1.8F  elsewhere in range
RH measurement range/resolution: 0 to 100%/0.1%
RH measurement accuracy: 3% from 20% to 80% RH; 3.5% elsewhere
Dew point temperature measurement range: -76 to 158F
Wet bulb temperature measurement range: -49 to 158F
Mixing ratio range: 0 to 999 GPP (
Enthalpy range: -8 to 318 Btu/lb.
Probe dimensions (L x Diameter): 6 in.  x 1 in.
Display size: 1.5 in. diagonal
Auto power off trigger: 2 minutes of front-panel inactivity
Weight (without batteries): 2.2 oz.
Power source: 3 "AAA" batteries (included)


  • Sensor protection cap
  • Batteries

    • Weight
      0.25 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    General Tools and Instruments
  • Product Weight
    (without batteries): 2.2 oz. (63g)
  • Power Source
    AAA batteries

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