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Sewer Camera Trap Master - URS-TM
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Sewer Camera Trap Master - URS-TM


Sewer Camera Trap Master - Designed for 4 & 6 Inch Traps 

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Sewer Camera Guide Trap Master Roller Skid - URS-TM

The TrapMaster was developed to negotiate a 4" trap and keep your camera centered throughout the process. Eight wheels mounted on the skid allow the camera to roll easily in 4” to 6” pipelines. The TrapMaster is constructed of the same lightweight, dependable, corrosion resistant composite nylon as the larger version. It provides a protective housing that increases camera lifetime.  

Trap Master Roller Skid Features & Specifications:

  • Easily Negotiates 4" & 6" Traps
  • Keeps Your Camera Centered
  • Protects Camera From Wear And Tear
  • Easily Negotiates 90 Degree Bends
  • Front Section Mounts At The Camera Head
  • Rear Section Mounts At The Optimal Spot Along The Camera Head Or Spring/Gooseneck
  • Each Section Has Four Wheels To Help Guide The Camera Through The Pipeline
  • Each Section Also Features Four Wings That Lead The Camera Around Traps And Bends
  • Use With Any Push Camera Up To 1.5" In Diameter
  • Provides A Protective Housing That Reduces Wear & Tear & Increases Camera Lifetime
  • Lightweight, Durable, Corrosion Resistant
  • Composite Nylon Construction

This product does not include a push camera. 

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

    • Weight
      1 lbs
    • SKU
  • Camera Head Diameter
    Up To 1.562” (39.5mm)
  • Pipe Size
    4” to 6” (10omm to 152mm)
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    CPI Products

Product questions

  • Fred Grenz
    05/08/2023, 03:48 PM

    Will the Trap Master work with the Rigid See Snake?

    05/08/2023, 03:57 PM

    There are multiple camera head sizes that See Snakes can come with. I cannot answer the question without knowing what size camera head you have.

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