Sherlock Bubble Up Liquid Leak Detector for Gas, Air, Oxygen
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Sherlock Bubble Up Liquid Leak Detector for Gas, Air, Oxygen

Sherlock Bubble Up Liquid Leak Detector - Type CG for Finding Gas, Air, and Oxygen Leaks

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Sherlock Bubble Up Liquid Leak Detector

Type CG For Gas, Air, and Oxygen Leaks Commercial Bubble Solution

Bubble leak detector testing for lines, cylinders, and tanks carrying pure oxygen and compressed gases.

Absolutely Safe Non Flammable Product:

This liquid leak detector contains no oil, grease, fatty acids, ammonias or any other ingredient that could combine with pure oxygen to form either a flammable or explosive mixture.

Positively safe with oxygen either high or low pressure as well as other compressed gases.

Thoroughly tested and approved by both government and commercial laboratories.

How Sherlock Leak Detection Fluid Works:

Apply liquid to connection or surface suspected of leaking with dauber, paint brush, or squeeze bottle.

Watch for bubble clusters.  Large leaks form large bubbles.   Very fine leaks form white foam which builds up for several minutes.

Sherlock Commercial Bubble Solution Dries clean:  No greasy residue. No need to remove after testing.

This Bubble Leak Detector is widely used in:

Oxygen Companies  -  Steel Fabricators  -  Aircraft Manufactures  -  Air Force  -  Welding Companies  -  Hospitals  -  Automotive Industry  -  Tank Companies and many, many, more.

Size: One Gallon of Sherlock Leak Detection Fluid 

Click Here to See MSDS Material And Safety Data Sheet

Product questions

  • Marcos Hernanadex
    12/04/2019, 06:36 AM

    Looking for a CO2 leak test liquid to check for leak on CO2 cylinders, is this the correct product, please advise

    12/04/2019, 07:58 AM

    You can use this version or the Low Temp. The only difference between the 2 beside the temperature range is that the Type CG also works with pure oxygen.

  • Richard Boersema
    09/04/2019, 03:34 PM

    is this product save on skin, and does it have an odor? Will it affect corrosion resistant primer by dissolving? Do you have an SDS sheet on it that I can view?

    09/04/2019, 03:52 PM

    The SDS is at the bottom of the description and I am emailing it to you right now.