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Shingle Gauge - Haag Thickness Gauge for Lifetime Limited Warranty Roofing

Haag Roof Shingle Thickness Gauge. Determine the warranty of organic or fiberglass shingles.

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Haag Asphalt Roof Shingle Thickness Gauge

The Roof Shingle Thickness Gauge is a one of a kind product created through years of research and testing by Haag Engineering.

In early 2011, most asphalt shingle manufacturers introduced "lifetime" limited warranties for their products. Because of this change this version of the shingle gauge was created for 3-Tab Shingles.

To test shingles manufactured prior to 2011 use the 4/09 Shingle Gauge

The popular Shingle Gauge tool is a unique invention used by residential roofing inspectors and insurance adjusters to measure the approximate warranty of 3-tab organic or 3-tab fiberglass shingles.

The device, similar to a metal ruler,  measures the thickness of a shingle and correlates that thickness to a warranty level, whether the shingle is wearing appropriately or what a comparable replacement shingle might be can be determined by the measurement and the corresponding scale.

To use, gently lift a shingle tab.  Slide the shingle gauge onto the butt of the shingle. Stop at the slightest resistance. The depth of the shingle and the slot of the shingle gauge correspond to the shingles warranty level indicated by the gray bars.

You'll be able to determine the warranty of any 3 tab organic or 3 tab fiberglass shingles. 

 Laminated shingles are not included on the gauge because there is not a strong relationship between warranty and thickness. Also, composition shingles manufactured with "polymer-modified" asphalt do not conform to the Shingle Gauge.  Modified asphalt has plastic or rubber added, and changes the thickness of a shingle.  You can identify a shingle with modified asphalt by the rubbery or springy feel.
Debuted in 1993, the shingle gauge or gage is hugely popular and helpful to adjusters and roofers.  Updated  in 2011 to reflect current warranties in the roofing industry.
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