Thermometer Temperature Recording - 4 Channel Data Logging
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Thermometer Temperature Recording - 4 Channel Data Logging

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Digital K Type 4 Channel Thermometer w/Data Logging SD Card

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Digital K Type 4 Channel Thermometer w/ Data Logging SD Card DT4947SD

Accurately Measures 4 Channels of Temperature from -148° to 3092°F 
Monitor temperatures in a commercial or industrial setting - such as food or chemical processing, HVAC/R, power generation or paper production.
This instrument’s unique feature is its patented technique for storing sampled data in Excel format on removable SD memory cards.

Handheld, Digital Thermometer Features:

  • Measure T1-T2 difference between any two channels 
  • Works with six thermocouples - "K", "J", "I", "E", "S", and "R"
  • Combining thermocouple types extends measurement range 
  • Thermocouple port also accepts Pt 100 ohm resistance-temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • Automatically log four channels of data every day during same period (loop data recording)
  • Min/Max memory + data hold

DT4947SD Specifications:

Embedded Microcontroller:  Custom one-chip LSI device
Display Type:  LCD with green backlight
Display Size:  2.05 x 1.5 in.
Parameter Measured:  Temperature (in °F or °C)
Measurement Range:
  • For Pt 100 ohm RTD:  -327° to 1562°F
  • For thermocouples:  depends on type
Measurement Accuracy:
  • For Pt 100 ohm probes:  ± (4% of reading + 1.8°F) from -327° to 999.9°F, ± (4 % of reading + 2.0°F) from 1000° to 1562°F
  • For thermocouples:  ± (4% of reading + 2.0°F max)

Measurement Resolution: 

  • For Pt 100 ohm probes:  0.1° (F or C) from -327° to 999.9°F, 1°F from 1000° to 1562°F
  • For thermocouples:  0.1° (F or C) below 1000°F and 1° (F or C) above 1000°F for Types K, J, T and E; 1° (C or F) for Types R and S Data Logging Sampling Time: 1 second to 1 hour

Settable Parameters:  Date, time, decimal point or comma decimal division, auto power off, beep sound, temperature unit, sampling time
Storable/Recallable Readings:  Maximum, minimum
SD Card Capacity:  1 GB to 16 GB
Operating Temperature:  32° to 122°F 
Operating Relative Humidity:  0 to 85%
Power Supply:  Six Alkaline “AA” batteries or optional 9-VDC AC adapter
Power Consumption: 8.5 mADC (normal operation, with backlight off and SD card not saving data)
30 mADC with backlight on and card saving data
44 mADC with backlight on and card saving data
Dimensions of Thermometer:  6.97 x 2.68 x 1.77 in. 
Weight of Thermometer:  1.13 lb.

4 Channel Thermometer Includes:

  • Carrying case
  • Two Type K beaded thermocouple probes (Temperature up to 500 °F)
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • User’s manual
Why Excel-formatted SD cards are a breakthrough in data logging technology:
  1. No muss. Unlike data loggers that use an RS-232 interface, General’s SD card instruments don’t require the end user to buy, stock and connect cables.
  2. No fuss. They also don’t require the user to add multiple jumpers between cable connectors to set up a serial communications link via RS-232. Adding even one jumper takes time and makes connections prone to failure.
  3. No software. General’s SD instruments don’t even need software. The automatically store the data they capture in a format readable by Microscoft’s Excel spreadsheet program. Any computer equipped with Excel will automatically display – as a table or graph – the data logs on an SD card inserted into it.
  4. No limits. SD cards are now available in capacities up to 32 GB. They’re not just a high-capacity storage medium, but a removable one as well. And because they’re solid-state, SD cards are inherently more reliable than rotating electromagnetic media like CD’s or DVD’s.
  5. No waste. Because the SD cards are removable, they’re portable. Once you’re done uploading the data logs on an SD card to your computer, you can erase the card and use it again – with the same SD card instrument or a different one.

Available Accessories:

TPK05- K Type Thermocouple Temperature Probe  -40° to 1562°F (-40° to 850°C) 
TPK03 - Type K Thermocouple Temperature Probe  -40° to 950°F (-40° to 510°C)
TPK500 - General Purpose Temperature Probe -50 to 500° F

AC1 - AC Adapter Power Supply

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