The New 2,000 Lumen Stinger 2020


The New Stinger 2020 combines the features of all the best Stinger flashlights into one ergonomic flashlight. The Stinger 2020 has a max of 2,000 lumens and a convenient toggle switch to quickly change between high, medium and low mode. The Stinger 2020 also has a dual switch so you can control the light in the manner you prefer. These changes make the Stinger 2020 the most convenient to use flashlight Streamlight has ever made.

Now for the major difference, and probably the most important change. The Stinger 2020 is the first Streamlight flashlight to feature multiple charging methods. As with all Stingers you change charge the Stinger 2020 with the Stinger charging cradle. If you have an older model Stinger the charging cradle is identical. With the Stinger charging cradle you can charge the flashlight with a 110v AC cord, Streamlight USB cable, or a 12v DC cord. The other option you have is, every Stinger 2020 is powered by two Streamlight 18650 batteries that feature a micro-USB charging port. The micro-USB charging port allows you to remove the batteries from the flashlight and individually charge them. This is a big change from previous Stinger batteries where you had to have a piggyback charger to have a spare battery charged at all times. The Stinger 2020 is a sign of the direction Streamlight is moving in for the future and this is currently our favorite flashlight.

-Justin - Tool Experts