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Wohler Sewer Inspection Camera VIS 700 HD
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Wohler Sewer Inspection Camera VIS 700 HD

SKU# - WOHL7082

The Wohler VIS 700 Plus is a versatile, easy to use sewer camera. It features an adjustable or removeable monitor with touchscreen and joystick controls to control the 1.5in pan/tilt camera and accurately identify, record, and mark (through on screen comments or on recording markings) potential problems. While you work, the 100ft cable is securely and cleanly stored in the case and fed through an access door. Once the job is done, the reel, cable, and camera head can be removed for easy cleaning. Also, for smaller pipes, the VIS 700 Plus includes a 1in camera head. 

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Wohler Borescope Inspection Camera - VIS 700

The Wohler VIS 700 is the ideal inspection camera for waste water pipes, flue gas lines and ventilation ducts as well as NDT and plumbing applications.

Wohler Borescope Inspection Camera Overview of Functions: 

HD Video Inspection  - Digital pictures and a high resolution monitor provide an absolutely clear image.  7" HD color touchscreen with adjustable focus via joystick / touch screen

HD pan & tilt waterproof color camera head 1.5" - Pans through 360° and tilts 180° from left to right. Precisely adjustable depth of focus.Detachable.

Durable Camera Rod - The flexible and durable 100 ft push rod can easily master several bends

Flexible Operation - The monitor can be fixed to the case in two different positions. The screen can be operated by touch or by joystick. The monitor is tiltable and removable.

Wireless operation & video streaming via app - Comfortable remote operation of the camera head including live video transmission – simply from your smartphone or tablet.

Position and angle display - Built-in radio transmitter with adjustable locator frequency: 512 Hz / 8.9 kHz / 9.2 kHz The digital distance counter and angle display always lets you know in which position the camera head is. The length of unwound cable is sensed electronically and displayed for pinpoint localization. The "Home" function automatically aligns the camera head straight forward so you never lose your orientation in the pipe.

Individual Control of Sharpness - The motor driven focus can be adjusted by touchscreen, joystick or app.

Powerful Li-Ion battery - With a respective operating battery life of 4 hours – high speed charging via the latest USB standard (USB-C connection)  

Comments & Voice Notes - A comments function allows you to add descriptions to captured photos. It is also possible to add voice notes to video footage.

USB stick & SD Card slot - Save your pictures and videos directly to the SD Card or an USB stick. 

Anti-glare protection - The anti-glare protection is stored in the case. If necessary it will be fixed to the monitor.

Easy to clean and a lot of space for accessories  - The push rod can be cleaned quickly thanks to the easily removable top shell. Moreover, the twinwall hard case also protects the camera head and the monitor.

Wohler Borescope Inspection Camera Features:

  •  Position and level display for orientation during inspections 
  •  On screen keyboard for typing comments and descriptions to photos 
  •  Convenient option for remote control of the camera head and video streaming via free Wohler App

Wohler VIS 700 Borescope Inspection Camera Application:

Analyze damage and inspect: 

  • House connection pipes up to 8" 
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) applications 
  • Flue gas systems of 2.5" and larger 
  • Ventilation system duct work 
  • False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts
  • Industrial machines / plant 
  • Waste water lines of 2.5" and larger
  • Inspection of smaller pipes with optional miniature camera head (IP 68)
Wohler VIS 700 HD 
Wohler VIS 700 PLUS HD  
Wohler VIS 700 Monitor with 7" HD TFT-broad band color monitor incl. 5 ft connection cable
Camera rod 0.34" x 0.22" – 100 ft long
Wohler HD miniature camera head 1",  detachable
Wohler HD pan- and tiltable camera head 1.5", detachable
SD Card 32 GB
Glare shield
3 replacement plastic domesXX
Plastic caseXX
USB charger with USB-C cableXX
Li-Ion battery
Anti-slide matXX
Guidance sleeve
Guidance sleeve with protection cage 

    • Weight
      25 lbs
    • SKU
  • Camera Head
  • Monitor Size
    7" HD
  • Pipe Size
    2.5" +
  • Camera Type
  • Manufacturer
    Wohler USA
  • Product Weight
    18 lbs.
  • Power Source
    Li-Ion battery
  • Warranty
    One year warranty
  • Please Select Kit
    VIS 700 HD 7082, VIS 700 PLUS HD 7498

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