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Zefon Air Sampling Pump – Z-Lite IAQ Testing
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Zefon Air Sampling Pump – Z-Lite IAQ Testing


Zefon Air Sampling Pump – Z-Lite IAQ Testing


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Zefon Air Sampling Pump - 120v Z-LITE-IAQ Pump

Small, Lightweight, High Volume Linear Pump - Capable of flows up to 30 Liters per minute.

For use with Carpet Samplers, Air-O-Cell Cassettes, Via-Cell Bioaerosol Sampling Cassette and all Viable Impactors.

Pump comes complete with flow rate indicator, flow control valve, on/off switch and tubing.

NOTE: These Zefon air sampling pumps are not recommended for use with any type of filter cassettes due to the high backpressure levels.

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Product questions

  • Steve Drake
    10/15/2023, 11:26 AM

    What Maintenace is recommended on this model air sampler.


    10/17/2023, 10:48 AM

    The Z-Lite pumps do not require factory calibration and this is a service most laboratories do not offer for this pump. However, if you have access to a primary calibrator, you can attach it to the flow indicator to calibrate it.
    Be sure to perform routine inspections on the pump as the flow indicator on the Z-Lite is very fragile and is prone to getting hairline cracks. When the pump is running, an air leak will occur and air will suck through these cracks (we do offer replacement flow meters - #03752).
    As for cleaning the Z-Lite: We recommend wiping the pump down with a Disinfectant Wipe.

  • Lamario U. Joiner
    08/23/2019, 10:15 PM

    Accidently broke my attached flow rate indicator, can I purchase a replacement?? Will purchase 2 more Z-Lite Zefron air sampling pumps, shortly, what is the estimated delivery time??

    08/26/2019, 10:46 AM

    Assuming you are referring to the rotameter where you can view and adjust the flow rate, it is a $45 item and they can be shipped immediately. Please give us a call at (865)882-3833 to place the order.

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