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Zefon Air Sampling Pump – Z-Lite IAQ Testing


Zefon Air Sampling Pump – Z-Lite IAQ Testing  

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Zefon Air Sampling Pump - 120v Z-LITE-IAQ Pump

Small, Lightweight, High Volume Linear Pump - Capable of flows up to 30 Liters per minute.

For use with Carpet Samplers, Air-O-Cell Cassettes, Via-Cell Bioaerosol Sampling Cassette and all Viable Impactors.

Pump comes complete with flow rate indicator, flow control valve, on/off switch and tubing.

NOTE: These Zefon air sampling pumps are not recommended for use with any type of filter cassettes due to the high backpressure levels.

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Product questions

  • Lamario U. Joiner
    08/23/2019, 10:15 PM

    Accidently broke my attached flow rate indicator, can I purchase a replacement?? Will purchase 2 more Z-Lite Zefron air sampling pumps, shortly, what is the estimated delivery time??

    08/26/2019, 10:46 AM

    Assuming you are referring to the rotameter where you can view and adjust the flow rate, it is a $45 item and they can be shipped immediately. Please give us a call at (865)882-3833 to place the order.

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