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Zircon MT6 Multiscanner - Metal Scanner Detector Locator
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Zircon MT6 Multiscanner - Metal Scanner Detector Locator

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Zircon Metalliscanner Metal Scanner Locator MT6

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Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 - Electronic Metal Locator

Locate embedded metal before your drill bit or saw blade does.
Zircon MetalliScanner ® MT6 quickly locates rebar, pipe, and other metal through concrete and most non metallic surfaces.
This powerful tool saves time and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, needless holes and costly broken drill bits or saw blades. 
The easy to read oversized display of the MT6 identifies both target location and depth, showing you when you are moving towards or away from a target.
MetalliScannner MT6 automatically indicates whether the target is ferrous or non ferrous (magnetic or non-magnetic) metal. MT 6 indicates when you are approaching a metal object with a large plus (+) sign on the display. When the plus becomes a minus (-), you have crossed over the target and are now moving away.
Recommended for locating reinforcing rebar in masonry and to measure subsurface nail spacing in roofing material for compliance with local building codes.  Ideal for checking concrete slabs for metal before you saw or drill. 

Use MetalliScanner ® MT 6 to find or avoid rebar, cables, pipe, nails in reclaimed wood, nails/tacks in studs behind lath and plaster walls, electrical boxes and conduit, and more.

  • Finds ferrous and non ferrous metal up to 6 inches (152mm) deep in solid concrete.
  • Targets metal and indicates the target depth in inches and centimeters.
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen identifies the location of metal objects with accuracy to within +/- 1/2 inch (13mm) for #4 rebar or 1/2 inch (13mm) for copper pipe.
  • Helps map out the grid of metal through any nonmetallic construction material, including concrete, tile, and marble.
  • Alerts user when the tool is moved toward or away from a target.
  • Audible and visual indicators
  • Requires on 9 volt battery, not included.
  • Hard Case Included
MetalliScanner ® MT 6 is the tool recommended in the suggested protocol for the My Safe Florida Home Program to assist in hurricane loss mitigation.

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Score: 5.00 (votes: 1)
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  • Paul H
    12/22/2017, 11:51 PM
    I like this device and recommend it. I'm installing Simpson FRFP(?)'s and UFRP(?)'s the foundation-to-frame earthquake upgrade retro-fit anchor plates (5 - 1/4" x3" Titan SDS screws go into the wood, 2- 1/2" x 5" Titan anchor screws go into the concrete in both the flat and curvy versons for anchoring frame-to-foundation) . The MT6 is sensitive, so if you have wire mesh in your concrete foundation, it will tell you, and it does. I bought it to avoid re-bar and the hopefully pre-existing "J"-Bolts which so far, I have been able to do. If you don't know what might be in your concrete before you start using this device, things like wire mesh will make it go off a lot, but, you just need to think about what could be there and where could it be, move the MT6 around and change the orientation to find where you really do and do not have metal you want to avoid, or, maybe metal you do want to strike and access. Thanks.