Mold Sampling Accessories

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  • Zefon Bio Pump Tripod Stand  ZA0043

    • $45.99
  • Zefon Mold Sampling Cassette Stand. Replacement stand for the Z-Lite Mold Testing Kit

    • $39.99
  • Z-LITE Rotameter  5-30Lpm Flow Meter

    • $52.00
  • Air-O-Cell® Flow Indicator For Bio-Pump and Bio-Pump Plus

    Replacement Flow Indicator used to set the proper flow rate of the Zefon Bio-Pump® or Bio-Pump® Plus.  Available for use with Air-O-Cell, Air-O-cell CSI, and Via-Cell cassettes.

    • $52.99
  • The TSI 4046 Flow Calibrators are portable, battery-operated units that are lightweight, easy to use and accurate within 2% of reading. Volumetric flow rate. is displayed continuously so adjustments to pump flow can be made in real-time. Personal sampling pumps must be calibrated before and after each use and routinely checked during use. Flow calibrators are used to adjust and measure the flow rate. of air sampling instruments.  

    • $2199.00