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Trace A Leak Liquid Dye Test - Water Dye Testing for Septic


Trace A Leak Liquid Septic Dye Water Test in Fluorescent Yellow/Green

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Trace A Leak Liquid Septic Dye Test (Fluorescent Yellow/Green)

Turns water a vibrant fluorescent yellow green when added to water.

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Use an ounce of the Liquid Septic Dye for leak detection, flow studies, examining water currents and for tracing water, sewage, or septic systems.

Fluorescent yellow/green.

16 ounce bottle
Dilution rate: 16 ounces into 12,000 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration

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    Presto Dyechem
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  • Dilution rate:
    16 ounces into 12,000 gallons of water equals 1 ppm concentration

Product questions

  • Rob
    05/04/2022, 05:09 PM

    Is the yellow liquid dye fluorescent under uv or black light

    05/05/2022, 09:13 AM

    Yes the yellow is fluorescent.

  • Noreen Brown
    07/16/2021, 12:53 PM

    I just bought this. I put an ounce in toilet and flushed. How long before I see results?

    07/16/2021, 01:44 PM

    This method is not an exact science and we don't know what exactly you are trying to do. If you are checking around the toilet for leaks you should probably do more color and it should be pretty instant. If you are testing your septic system you definitely need more color and you have to push your septic systems capacity by running water from multiple drains for an extended period depending on the size of your tank. Like I said it is not an exact science and everything changes based off what you are trying to do.

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