Shoe Boot Covers - Tidy Trax Slip On Washable Reusable
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Shoe Boot Covers - Tidy Trax Slip On Washable Reusable

Tidy Trax Slip On Shoe or Boot Covers

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Slip On Boot Shoe Covers - Tidy Trax Slip On Washable, Reusable

Eliminate the tracks without removing your shoes with Tidy Trax!

Tidy Trax shoe covers are made of durable foam that is extremely lightweight and won't harm or leave marks on floors. 

The revolutionary "Hands Free" slip on shoe covers that lets you go inside the house with your shoes on! 

Tidy Trax Are:

Lightweight  -  Durable  -  Won't mark or harm floors  -  Reusable over and over!    

Easy On - Just point your toe in and push down with your heel.

Easy Off - Step on the heel tab with the opposite foot and lift your foot out.

Easy To Clean - Rinse with a garden hose or bang your Tidy Trax together to remove debris. 


Tidy Trax Shoe Boot Covers Materials:

   - Compression molded EVA foam
   - Molded Rubber "Gripping Fingers"
   - Injected TPU heel tab

Available Color:  Gray with Black accents



Note: Tidy Trax sizing is based on SHOE LENGTH . . . not shoe size. To get your correct size view the size chart below using the "Ruler Method".

Ruler Method:

 Step 1  
Get the pair of shoes you will most likely be wearing while using Tidy Trax

Step 2  Using a ruler, measure the length of the bottom (sole) of the shoe from heel to toe

Step 3  Take the length measurement you have for your shoe:

  • Compare it to the size chart
  • Look to see what Tidy Trax size letter matches your shoe length
    • Example 1: If your shoe length measures 11 9/16 inches in length ... Your Tidy Trax size will be  G
  • What if your shoe length measurement falls exactly on the line between 2 Tidy Trax sizes?
    • Example 2: Your measurement is 11 7/16 inches. That could be a size F or G - In this situation we recommend that you choose the larger of the two sizes. 
  • Tidy Trax should go on fairly easy and fit snug.


(This covers approximately a men’s 6 to 14 shoe size)

    • Weight
      1.75 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Tidy Trax Shoe & Boot Covers
  • Material:
    - Compression molded EVA foam
    - Molded Rubber "Gripping Fingers"
    - Injected TPU heel tab
  • Sizes
    D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M

Product questions

  • Jimmy
    09/06/2020, 09:37 AM

    Can I get these in white?

    09/08/2020, 09:52 AM

    The manufacturer does not offer other colors.

  • Larry D. YOung
    03/13/2020, 12:48 PM

    I have a 2e wide shoe. Will they fit? Also, how do they hold up for outside use, i.e., sidewalks, asphalt etc..?

    03/16/2020, 09:35 AM

    The manufacturer has indicated they should fit

  • Bonnie
    12/29/2019, 02:56 PM

    Will Tidy Trax work for ladies shoes, narrow width? Am concerned that since it is sized for men, Tidy Trax will be too wide.

    12/30/2019, 01:38 PM

    We checked with Tidy Trax and they said length is most important, width should not be an issue.

  • daniel teets
    08/02/2019, 01:28 PM

    how are tidy trax sized

    08/02/2019, 01:59 PM

    Please view the sizing instructions and chart on the product page.

  • Kish
    05/07/2019, 10:08 AM

    Do you take Visa Credit Cards

    05/07/2019, 11:32 AM

    Yes we do!

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