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Centering Guide Master Kit for 3 - 14 inch Pipes


The Master-Kit 8 is designed for use in 3 - 14 inch pipes and includes the Universal Roller Skid (URS-1), The Mini Roller Skid (URS-4)), The Drain Train, The TrapMaster, The PoleCat, PipeSpyders, Camera Head Adapters, The LED Light Kit for URS-1, and a Heavy Duty Case

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Centering Guide Master Kit for 3 - 14 inch Pipes - URS-KIT8

This Centering Guide Master Kit is designed to for 3 - 14 inch Pipes and includes all the tools you will need to smoothly navigate your camera through pipelines while keeping them centered and protected.

Master Kit Includes:

The Universal Roller Skid operates in 6 - 12 inch pipes and  allows for inspection cameras to negotiate multiple corners and bends and increases the depth range significantly. The URS accepts most standard push cameras 2 inches in diameter. 

The Mini Roller Skid which works in 4 to 6 inch pipes while offering superior protection for your camera. This roller skid can handle cameras up to 1.562 inch or 39.5mm.

The Trapmaster, which also capable of moving smoothly through 4 to 6 inch pipes including 4 inch PVC traps. This tool can also hold cameras up to 1.562 inch or 39.5mm.

The Drain Train for 3 inch pipe is capable of navigating difficult curves and plastic P traps for cameras up to 1.375 inch or 35mm.

The LED Light Kit is a package of 3 LED Lights that are specifically designed to use with the Universal Roller Skid that will shed unbelievably bright light that won't cause sparks and is safe to use in electrical environments. 

The PoleCat turns any push camera into a Pole Camera in seconds for looking in manhole covers and horizontal openings.  We also include a 3 of each size pipesyders for a quick way to keep you camera or cable off the pipe walls. It is all packed and organized in a heavy duty waterproof plastic carrying case.

    • Weight
      15 lbs
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    CPI Products
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    Limited Lifetime Warranty

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