6 piece Pro Nozzle Kit
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6 piece Pro Nozzle Kit


This 6 piece Pro Nozzle Kit will fit your every cleaning need. You have the right tip to; dislodge blockage, flush loose debris, navigate around corners, polish, remove grease or ice and move sand or mud.

  • $189.95
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Arthur Products 6 piece Pro Nozzle Kit -AMXX-PROKIT

Save BIG when you buy a six piece kit. 

Available in 4 different sizes

1. Penetrator Nozzle
Dislodges blockage
(1 Forward Jet, 3 Back Jets)

2.  Flusher Nozzle
Flushes loose debris
(6 Back Jets)

3. Cornering Nozzle
Navigates around P-Traps and tight bends
(1 Forward Jet, 1 Side Jet, 3 Back Jets)

4. Spin-Jet Nozzle
Polishes and maximizes line recovery
( 2 Side Jets, 2 Back Jets)

5. De-Icer/De-Greaser Nozzle
Removal of heavily blocked lines with grease, hard soap or even ice
(3 Forward Angle Jets, 6 Back Jets)

6. Impactor Nozzle
Moves sand, grit and light scale which may have accumulated within the line
(1 Forward Jet, 3 Side Jets, 6 Back Jets)

7. Nozzle Cleaner & Carrying Case Included!

    • Weight
      3 lbs
    • SKU
  • Size
    1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"

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