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BossJet Basic Skid Sewer Jetter AM800

SKU# - AM800

The BossJet "Basic" Electric skid mounted sewer jetter can be mounted in many configurations. Choose your engine type and pressure/gpm. The units are completely self-contained. The external fuel tank can be filled away from the Jetter. 

Kohler CH1000 Engines Not Available To California


  • $5649.00
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BossJet Basic Skid Sewer Jetter - AM800

Electric start Bossjet Skid Sewer Jetter

BossJet Basic Skid Sewer Jetter Features:

  • OHV Air-cooled, 4-Stroke Engine
  • Low Oil Automatic Shutdown
  • Electric Start
  • Aqua Pulse Feature
  • Bypass Plumbed For Water Tank
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • 6-Gallon External Gas Tank
  • HD Steel Frame
  • Battery & Battery Box

BossJet Basic Skid Sewer Jetter comes complete with:

  • Five Foot Jumper Hose
  • One Penetrator Nozzle
  • 50 ft Leader Hose
  • Wash Down Gun & Wand
  • Four Pressure Washer Q.C. Tips
  • 28 ½” Long x 20” Wide x 50” High

All units on this page require water tank for water supply. 

Hose Bib cannot be used for water supply.

These units are for 3" to 8" pipes.
ModelEnginePOLY CHAIN PumpPerformanceLead Time
AM800-01Vanguard 18hp ESA/R3500psi @ 5.0gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-02Honda GX630
A/R4000psi @ 5.5gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-03Honda GX690
GP3000psi @ 9.0gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-04Honda GX690
GP3500psi @ 8.0gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-DMDuroMax 713ccGP3500psi @ 8.0gpm
8-10 weeks
These units are for 4" to 12" pipes
ModelEnginePOLY CHAIN PumpPerformanceLead Time
AM800-05Kohler CH750GP TSF3000psi @ 11.0gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-06Kohler CH750GP TSF2800psi @ 12.0gpm8-10 weeks
AM800-08Kohler CH1000
Not Available In CA
GP TSF3500psi @ 11.0gpm8-10 weeks

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Click here to see Manual

DuroMax 713cc 22hp Starting Instructions


    • Weight
      525 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    BossJet Sewer Jetters
  • Product Weight
    500 lbs.
  • Choose Engine
    Vanguard 18hp ES 3500psi @ 5.0gpm, Honda GX630 4000psi @ 5.5gpm, Honda GX690 3000psi @ 9.0gpm, Honda GX690 3500psi @ 8.0gpm, Kohler CH750 3000psi @ 11.0gpm, Kohler CH750 2800psi @ 12.0gpm, Kohler CH1000 3500psi @ 11.0gpm (Not Available In CA), DuroMax 713cc 3500psi @ 8.0gpm
  • Comes with:
    Five Foot Jumper Hose
    1 Penetrator Nozzle
    50ft Leader Hose
    Wash Down Gun & Wand
    Four Pressure Washer Q.C. Tips
  • Reel and Hose Options
    Without Reel and Hose, 200' Jetter Hose with Manual Rolling Caddy, 300' Jetter Hose with Manual Rolling Caddy, 200' Jetter Hose With 12v Electric Hose Reel, 300' Jetter Hose With 12v Electric Hose Reel
  • Delivery Service
    Customer Offload, Liftgate Service

Product questions

  • Rogers T Tebid
    05/06/2022, 11:00 AM

    Do you have any that can be controlle with a remote? And can it fit a Ford transit connect?

    05/06/2022, 11:43 AM

    This specific model will fit in a Transit Connect because it is only 28 ½” Long x 20” Wide x 50” High. Our truck mount jetter (AM930) is on our large skid and it's dimensions are 68"L x 46"W x 55"H. I believe that is too tall for a Transit Connect but the hose reel can be removed and placed on the floor so we cannot say for sure if it would fit. You would have to check for yourself. Also we do not do anything with remotes. Everything is controlled by ball valves.

  • Andy
    07/19/2021, 09:42 PM

    What is the smallest water tank I could use if filling from a hose bibb while in use? Is any kind of relief valve required, or is one already installed?

    07/20/2021, 09:04 AM

    That would depend on the gpm provided by the hose bib. That typically varies between 6 and 24gpm depending on a number of factors. It would also depend on which engine and pump you choose. Because of all these factors there is no exact science but having a larger tank and not filling it all the way is a better option.

    Yes the pump has a relief valve.

  • Patrick Cain
    05/12/2020, 06:38 PM

    what is the dimensions of the unit?

    will it fit in the bed of a 2014 Nissan frontier s king cab?

    05/13/2020, 11:49 AM

    28 ½”L x 20”W x 50”H
    According to the statistics I found it will fit.
    Please keep in mind you have to have a tank with this system.

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