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Sewer Jetter - Boss Jet Max Hydro Drain Cleaning Machine

SKU# - AM700

The Boss Jet Max Sewer Jetter is built for durability and strength. With a 1.5" tube powder coated frame and 4 large tires the Boss Jet Max is ready for your long term use. The aqua pulse feature, remote hose reel, ball valve, jetter hose and 3 nozzles give you everything you need to unclog that pipe and clean it for lasting clear lines.

3-4 Week Build Time

Honda Engines Not Available To California

  • $3249.00
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Sewer Jetter - BossJet Max Hydro Drain Cleaning Machine

  • Clean drains and sewers from 2" to 6"
  • Sewer Jetter remote hose reel lets you jet inside or outside drains with the machine operating safely outside
  • Optional Pressure Hose Reel keeps your pressure washer hose neat and tidy for easy access whenever you need it.

Sewer Jetter - Hydro Drain Cleaning Machine Features:

Commercial Quality OHV Air-cooled, 4-Stroke Engine

Low Oil Automatic Shut Down

Premium CAT Pump

Aqua Pulse Feature

HD Powder-Coated 1.5" Tube Frame

Lock-in station for Remote Hose Reel

Four Large Tires For Stability & ease of use

Compact to fit through most doorways

50 ft Leader Hose

Remote Hose Reel For Indoor/Outdoor Jetting

The detachable remote hose reel kit lets you jet drains inside or outside with the machine operating safely outside. This kit also includes 1/4-inch jetter hose, 3 nozzles (listed below), and ball valve.

  • Laser Nozzle (1 Forward Jet, 3 Back Jets)
    • Dislodges blockages
  • Ram Nozzle (3 Back Jets)
    • Flush loose debris
  • Rotating Nozzle (3 Rear Rotating Jets)
    • Remove Scale and Buildup On Walls Of Pipe

Sewer Jetter Available Engines:

Kohler CH440CAT 66DX40G  
 4200psi @ 4.0gpm
Honda GX390
 4200psi @ 4.0gpm
Honda GX390 Electric StartCAT 66DX40G
 4200psi @ 4.0gpm
Kohler 14HP ESCAT 66DX40G
4000psi @ 4.0gpm
Vanguard 18hp Electric StartCAT 66DX50G
 3500psi @ 5.0gpm

Free Shipping In The Continental United States  

Click Here for User Manual

    • Weight
      250 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Amazing Machinery
  • Product Weight
    250 lbs.
  • Delivery Service
    Customer Offload, Delivery Liftgate Service
  • Washer
    Kohler 14hp 4200psi@4gpm, Honda GX390 4200psi@4gpm, Honda GX390 Electric Start 4200psi@4gpm, Vanguard 18hp Electric Start 3500psi@5gpm
  • Choose Jetter Kit
    100' Jetter Conversion Kit, 150' Jetter Conversion Kit, 200' Jetter Conversion Kit
  • Choose Washer Reel
    No Washer Reel, Fixed Reel, Pivot Reel

Product questions

  • Cameron Cozart
    04/02/2024, 07:33 PM

    We would basically like to run hot water through the jetter, 180° water most likely. It works wonders on frozen drainfields or frozen sewer lines here in the northwest. So we have the water run through a hotsy first, and then through the jetter itself.

    04/03/2024, 11:32 AM

    Thank you for the clarification. Unfotunately the pump will not be able to handle the temp and there is another question mark. The pump for our cart jetters are designed to have water pushed to them such as from a hose bib. They do not have the ability to suck water into the pump. The way to get around these problems is to take the water path of garden hose > jetter/pump > hotsy > jetter hose. I assume the mobility was the big factor leading you to this jetter in the first place.

    Our truck mount jetter is probably the easier way to get a jetter to push hot water. The truck mounts include a tank as well.

  • William Cozart
    03/30/2024, 04:08 PM

    Would the jetter be able to withstand 180° water running through it?

    03/30/2024, 07:53 PM

    Can you please explain your question further?

  • Erick Castillo
    11/27/2020, 09:24 AM

    Would this jet cut though tree roots ?

    11/27/2020, 05:46 PM

    That depends on how large the roots are and what size of pipe you have. This is the highest power machine you can get without requiring a tank for a water source.

  • Ben Nibarger
    09/08/2020, 04:28 PM

    Would this clean out an 20 foot long 18" culvert that has dirt and debris build up?

    09/09/2020, 10:48 AM

    In order to be able to clear an 18" culvert you will need to be around 18gpm to have the proper amount of water to clear the line. To get that much power you will need a dual engine system. Please give us a call at 865-882-3833 and ask for Justin if you want more info.

  • Michael
    09/05/2020, 11:20 PM

    When taking the detachable reel to the cleanout what is the length of the hose I'll have to clear the line? (What is the 50" line? That's not enough to clean a sewer line).

    09/06/2020, 12:17 AM

    The jetter conversion kit distance is the jetter hose distance. The 50’ high pressure hose is the connector between the pump and jetter reel/hose.

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