Gas Monitor - Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Leak Detector
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Gas Monitor - Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Leak Detector

Gas Monitor - Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Leak Detector

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Gas Monitor - Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Leak Detector

The Safety Siren Combustible gas detector detects dangerous levels of hydrocarbon gases, specifically natural gas (methane), butane, and propane gas and any other combustible gases.


Safety Siren Combustible Gas Detector Features:

  • Computerized calibration helps eliminate false alarms
  • Built-in self-diagnostics assures the unit is operating properly
  • Easily plugs into any standard 110-120v AC electrical outlet
  • Samples air continuously
  • Lock tab feature makes the detector tamper proof
  • Advanced surface mount circuitry increases reliability
  • Powerful 85dB Alarm uL 1484
  • Certified 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Combustible Gas Detector Specifications:

Sensor: Alarm trip point set at: < 25% LEL (lower explosive limit)
0.95% by volume Natural gas (methane) in air
0.53% by volume LP-gas (propane) in air
0.48% by volume Butane in air by volume
Operating temperature range: 32 to 104° F (0 to 40° C)

Audible Alarm: 5 second beeping rate 85dB at 10 feet

Visual alarm:
RED: (3 second blinking rate).  Continuous red LED during alarm condition
GREEN: Continuous operation when power on

CG sampling rate: Continuously after initial warm-up period (warm up period is approximately 2.5 minutes)

Dimensions: 4.7" x 3.1" x 2.1"
Weight: Approx.12 ounces
Power Source: 110vAC / 60Hz at 6 Watts

Product questions

  • Janice Schumacher
    07/18/2019, 12:28 AM

    Will it detect the gas smell from a gas range

    07/18/2019, 09:45 AM

    This does not detect smell. The alarm sounds if the air reaches 25% of the lower explosive level. To put it simply if the air contains 25% of the amount of natural gas, propane, or butane for an explosion the alarm will sound. If you don't have elevated levels of these gases the alarm will not sound.