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Propane Tank Cylinder Heater Warmer - CWCYK


This nylon shell Cylinder Wrap keeps LP Tanks at their optimal temperature.

*Low Temp Ideal for Spray Foam Insulation 20# Cylinder

*High Temp Ideal for BBQ grills, 20# LP Tanks and Food Trucks

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Propane Tank Cylinder Heater Warmer Wrap Five Gallon

Keep temperature sensitive products warm with these 5-gallon cylinder propane tank wraps by Reasor Products.

Cylinder Propane Tank Warmer Wrap Specifications: 

  • Fits 20# Propane or Foam Cylinder
  • Outer: Nylon Shell CPAI 84
  • Middle: Heat Retaining Flexible Barrier
  • Insulation: Closed Cell Polypropylene Inner
  • Lining: Nylon
  • Velcro Closure & Adjustable Cinch Straps
  • Cord Length: 5'6"
  • Handy Cord Storage Pocket
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 11.5” High x 41” Long
  • Voltage: 120 VAC - 50 Watts
  • Maximum Temp= 85°F+ with CW1113
  • Maximum Temp= 125°F+ with CW1116
    • Weight
      3 lbs
    • SKU
  • Color
  • Maximum Temperature
    85°F+ with CW1113 / 125°F+ with CW1116
  • Outer Shell
  • Insulation
    Closed Cell Polypropylene
  • Voltage
    120 VAC - 50 Watts
  • Cord Length
  • Manufacturer
    Arctic Warmer
  • Dimensions
    11.5 x 41 in.
  • Warmer Options
    CW1113 - Max Temp 85°F, CW1116 - Max Temp 125°F
  • Outer:
    Nylon Shell CPAI 84

Product questions

  • Fred
    01/15/2022, 04:33 PM

    Can I get a heating pad for a 30 pound bottle? And what is the price for for it?

    01/17/2022, 12:34 PM

    Here is the page:

  • Helmut Armitage
    12/20/2021, 10:21 AM

    Will this work on a 30 pound tank?

    12/20/2021, 10:52 AM

    Unfortunately we don't have a 30lb tank option. We have had a few customers buy 2 to make it work.

  • Jeffrey Lyijnen
    02/08/2021, 07:35 AM

    Does this blanket run on 120 vac or 12 vdc?

    02/08/2021, 09:34 AM

    120v AC

  • Thomas George Levy
    01/11/2021, 12:10 PM

    Is the blanket controlled by an automatic thermostat to maintain it temperature so it can not overheat?

    01/11/2021, 12:23 PM

    Yes it is controlled by an automatic thermostat that cycles to keep from overheating.

  • tyler dennis
    12/18/2020, 09:12 AM

    Will these fit a 100 lb. propane tank? Is there a larger version of this that will fit a 100 lb. tank? Is there a warranty on this product?

    12/18/2020, 10:00 AM

    55gal which is 36"X83" is the best we can do. Some guys in the past have used a couple warmers on a tank to cover them.

    One year limited warranty.

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