Line Voltage Tester - TE101
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Line Voltage Tester - TE101

Line Voltage Tester TE101

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Line Voltage Tester TE101

Circuit Tester checks voltage from 80V to 500V AC/DC 1/4 Watt

Heavy-duty test probes, bright neon AC/DC indicator, pocket clip and insulated casing.

Line Voltage Tester Operating Instructions:

To test for voltage insert leads into the outlet or carefully touch the test leads to electrical contacts or circuit to be tested.

If voltage is present the neon indicator will glow. To test for live side of an electrical outlet insert one probe into the ground plug of the outlet while inserting the other probe in the alternate sides of the outlet. The neon indicator will glow when the probe makes contact with the live side.


3 Wire AC Grounding Outlets and Cords:

Insert probes into narrow (hot) and wide slot (neutral) of receptacle, tester will glow on the live circuit. To check grounding, insert one probe into the narrow (hot) side and the other into “U” shaped (ground), tester should glow. Then test between wide side (neutral) receptacle.

2 Wire AC Outlet and Cords:

Insert probe into both sides, tester will glow on live circuit. To determine hot wire on 2 wire circuits, insert one probe into the narrow slot and touch other probe to the metal mounting screw or metal plate. If screw is grounded, tester will glow. Remaining slot is the grounded (neutral) receptacle.

3 Wire 220V AC Receptacles:

Test for normal (110V) glow test round hole (neutral) and either hot side. Observe brighter glow (220V) across both hot sides.

Circuit Tester Specifications:

Working Voltage Range: 80-500V AC/DC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Relative Humidity: 80% RH max. 50% RH above 31 degrees C
Pollution Degree: 2 (accordance with IEC-664)

Note: Voltages less than 8.0 volts may not be detected by this tester, although they may be present.

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