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Sewer Smoke Machine For Plumbing Smoke Test - Superior SS5E

SKU# - SS5

Sewer Smoke Machine -  For Plumbing Smoke Test Superior® SS5E

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  • $589.99
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Sewer Smoke Machine for Plumbing Smoke Test - Superior® SS5E

The Superior® Sewer Plumbing Smoke Test Blower is the leading electric powered blower for smoke testing laterals, residential plumbing, and commercial plumbing lines.

The Sewer Plumbing Smoke Test Blower is designed to work with Superior Classic Smoke Candles (see below) and includes a 4" by 8' flexible hose.

The 5-E Sewer Plumbing Smoke Test Blower is available in standard 120v AC (water column of .59 inches)(.74 amps) or 12v DC (water column of 1.3 inches)(4.3 amps).

Why Sewer Plumbing Smoke Test Blower for Sewer Testing?

  1. Find Sources of Odor - Anywhere a smell can go the smoke will go too. In minutes you can find sources and causes of odors that might take days to find any other way.
  2. Find Plumbing Fault - Cracked or broken pipes, bad connections, improper venting, open pipes or fittings, etc.
  3. Test New Plumbing - As your primary test, or as a secondary test to locate leaks, smoke testing is fast and easy.

Sewer Smoke Machine Includes:

  • Sewer Smoke Test Blower
  • 4" by 8' flexible hose.
  • Power: 110v (standard) OR 12v (optional)
  • (Smoke Test Candles Are Sold Separately) 

Plumbing Smoke Test Machine Specifications:

Weight: 15lb

Capacity: 180 CFM

Power Source/Static Pressure:
12 Volt = 1.3 inches water column
110 Volt = .59 inches water column

Made in the USA

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    • Weight
      17 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Superior Signal Company
  • Product Weight
    15 lbs
  • Power Source
    AC Plug, DC Clips
  • Capacity
    180 CFM
  • Power Source
    110 Volt AC Plug, 12 Volt DC Clips

Product questions

  • nick
    03/21/2022, 05:14 PM

    How big a system will these machines fill?

    03/22/2022, 09:54 AM

    If I am understanding the question correctly, it only depends on smoke output/quantity of the candles you are using. The machine will blow air as long as you would like. The blower can take in 8,000cfm of smoke.

  • Sharon Santangelo
    12/30/2020, 07:54 AM

    Can this unit produce 1" water column pressure for use to test drainage and vent piping in a new building.

    12/30/2020, 09:38 AM

    The pressure is not adjustable but the machines produce
    120v AC (water column of .59 inches) or
    12v DC (water column of 1.3 inches)

  • Mark Romanuk
    03/19/2020, 01:31 PM

    would I be able to adapt this to fit a 2 inch pipe? are there attachments?

    03/19/2020, 02:11 PM

    There aren't attachments but you can easily adapt it to fit a 2 inch pipe with something as simple as tape since the path of least resistance will be the pipe.